Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Folk Art Valentine Paintings

These paintings are in the format termed ACEO, which means Art Card Edition Original.  They are the size of a playing card.  The painting surface is a heavy watercolor paper.  The history of these miniature paintings is that they were originally traded between artists.  They became very popular on eBay over the last number of years and are widely collected by art lovers.  They can be matted and framed and look great or it is the practice of many buyers to put them in photo albums.  Most of the quilt and needlepoint patterns I license now originated in my madly whimsical mind while painting these miniature works of art. 

Everyone who follows me knows I love to paint whimsical, happy sheep. In the spirit of Valentine's Day I painted this one which sold recently on eBay.  

Painting chickens is always enjoyable.  This one just sold and the buyer said, "WONDERFUL...I can't thank you enough...I love it!"

This ACEO featuring two romantic, happy sheep is currently for sale on eBay.  To go to the listing click:  Love is in the Air!

As always, thanks for letting me share art with you.  If you weren't familiar with the miniature paintings called ACEO, another door to the enjoyment of art has been opened--and they are very inexpensively priced on eBay.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Quilts, Needlepoint, and Gratitude

Thanks are in order for artist Tracy Suzanne Marvel of the blog: The Window of My Life for being instrumental in my partnership with The Bigfork Bay Cotton Company who created quilt patterns from five of my designs that came on line this past fall.  The pattern "Three Wise Guys" has been my top seller.  Batiks.com had a nice review in a recent blog.  The writer said about the above pattern: "The last one is called Three Wise Guys and it just might be my fav. The center guy is the leader. The one on the left is the instigator and the one on the right is the happy follower."   Visit all these friends at the links provided.

Another development of late has been my partnership with Kathleen of Mason Enterprises which operates on eBay as kathysspareroom selling needlepoint patterns made from the designs of selected artists.  I'm so excited by the response we've received!  A recent design of mine that she sold under the name "Morning Joy" is a vibrant floral.   Take some time to check out what she is selling.  Also don't forget that I sell original art on eBay as jblakeart. Click on the "Listings" link in the left column of the "My World" page on eBay.  Be sure to check out my feedback too.  I would love for you to visit.

One of the wonderful things about creating art is who you meet along the way.  Fellow artists and business owners with a love for the creative world, joined by those that welcome our handiwork into their homes make up a vibrant community.  Painting has been such a blessing in my life. I'm reminded of a quote I read recently in The Painter's Keys: "I am filled with gratitude for the ability to live the artist's life. In my studio. Being an artist. Everyday." (Mickie Acierno)

While thinking on such matters I would be remiss to not thank my wife, mom, and dad.  My parents gave me a love for the art of the American Southwest and then as I showed interest in painting, sent that chubby little kid to art lessons.  My wife has stuck by me through all the crazy pursuits of life--of which art has always been a major part.  Anybody who pursues the making of art knows what a dicey proposition it is.  Thanks Lisa.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to J Blake's Folk Sauce

Welcome to my folk art blog: Folk Sauce!

 I have been an artist for over 20 years with works sold throughout the world. I paint in my home studio in the majestic Sacramento mountains of South Central New Mexico. My formal training came as a child and art has been a passion ever since.  As I grew older I spent a number of years exclusively focusing on self-taught woodcarving in traditional folk art themes.  When I eventually returned to my painting roots, the years spent working with wood brought an unmistakable influence into this new season of creating art. It has given me a distinctive, recognizable style.
My passion is to create fun and funky folk art to spice up your living spaces! I paint with a heart of whimsy, bringing a humorous and happy touch with each brush stroke. My color palette is always vibrant and cheery and will lift your spirit! 

Thanks for letting me share my life with you!

I sell original paintings in my Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jblake 
Paintings are also available on eBay: http://myworld.ebay.com/johnblakefolkartist
Fine art prints are available at: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/j-blake.html