Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Folk Art Valentine Paintings

These paintings are in the format termed ACEO, which means Art Card Edition Original.  They are the size of a playing card.  The painting surface is a heavy watercolor paper.  The history of these miniature paintings is that they were originally traded between artists.  They became very popular on eBay over the last number of years and are widely collected by art lovers.  They can be matted and framed and look great or it is the practice of many buyers to put them in photo albums.  Most of the quilt and needlepoint patterns I license now originated in my madly whimsical mind while painting these miniature works of art. 

Everyone who follows me knows I love to paint whimsical, happy sheep. In the spirit of Valentine's Day I painted this one which sold recently on eBay.  

Painting chickens is always enjoyable.  This one just sold and the buyer said, "WONDERFUL...I can't thank you enough...I love it!"

This ACEO featuring two romantic, happy sheep is currently for sale on eBay.  To go to the listing click:  Love is in the Air!

As always, thanks for letting me share art with you.  If you weren't familiar with the miniature paintings called ACEO, another door to the enjoyment of art has been opened--and they are very inexpensively priced on eBay.

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